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Led tile screen intelligent interactive experience leads the

Release date:2020-03-10| Publisher:admin|  click:0
With the rapid development of LED display technology, various innovative product application forms emerge in endlessly. With its unique advantages, the LED display system scheme of Shenzhen Dingli Display Technology Co., Ltd. can meet customers' personalized and customized creative needs. I believe that we are all familiar with LED floor tiles. From the initial successful use of CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage floor to the public's attention, LED floor tiles have become an indispensable display product on each stage.
LED floor tile screen is a kind of ground display LED interactive floor tile screen designed for ground research and development. It is specially designed and processed in load-bearing, flame-retardant, protective performance, antiskid, blunt and product performance, so that it can adapt to high-intensity trampling, normal operation in any environment for a long time, without any peripheral protective equipment, such as tempered glass, acrylic, PC board, etc Step on!                                     Follow the steps of the activity, present the real-time interactive picture effect, so as to achieve interactive vision, touch, hearing All the creativity and imagination can be in the immersive dynamic interactive experience space, which causes strong resonance in the visual, sensory and experience levels of tourists, enhances the sense of substitution and active participation of tourists, and creates a high-level all-round interactive experience for tourists, which is like starting a unique art trip of interactive digital display of magic, standing on tiptoe Between, stepped into the floating light and shadow, colorful light and shadow world.