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Overall analysis of the principle of interactive LED floor t

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1: Principle of LED floor tile screen system:
The operation principle of the LED tile screen system is to capture the foot motion of the target image (such as the participant) by capturing the LED tile screen (sensor chip), and then analyze the image and the system to generate the action of the captured person or object. The operation data, combined with the real-time image interaction system, makes the participants and the LED tile screen interact closely Combined real-time interactive effect.
The technology of interactive LED floor tile screen system is hybrid virtual reality technology and dynamic capture technology, which is the further development of virtual reality technology. Virtual reality is a technology that produces three-dimensional images by computer, displays a three-dimensional space and interacts with it. Through mixed reality, users can not only manipulate the virtual image but also touch the real environment, thus enhancing the sensory visual experience.


2: Composition of interactive LED floor tile screen system:
The first part: the signal acquisition part, according to the interactive needs to capture and display, capture equipment includes induction chip, video camera, camera, etc;
The second part is the signal processing part, which analyzes the data collected in real time and connects the data with the virtual scene system;
The third part: in the imaging part, we use interactive materials and floor tile display equipment to present the image in a specific location, and the LED floor tile screen can be used as the carrier of interactive image display;
The fourth part: auxiliary equipment, such as transmission lines, installation components, interactive main control, computers, engineering wiring sound devices, etc.

Features of interactive LED floor tile screen system:
1. Practicability: the system can meet all kinds of practical and potential functions, environment and other needs, and achieve satisfactory results
2. Reliability: the system can provide long-term continuous operation and is stable and reliable
3. Advancement: the function and performance of the system can reach the advanced level of the same display system.
4. Sustainability: select high-quality, interactive main control acquisition and other equipment to ensure the long-term display effect of the system.
5. Convenience: the system is easy to adjust and use, the operation interface is easy to understand, the operation process is simple, and the system can be operated and used after short-term training.
6. Flexibility: the system has the ability of flexible hardware reconfiguration, with low dependence between devices. It can replace some devices at any time without replacing all devices as required. The system can be expanded at any time according to the change of demand (install multiple sets of interactive materials) without wasting original resources.
7. Participation: the system supports a large number of people to participate in foot interaction at the same time, which is suitable for the characteristics of large human flow. It integrates hardware, virtual simulation and image recognition technology. , the operation mode is that the LED floor tile screen captures the movement of the participants' feet and limbs and transmits the image to the interactive master. After the intelligent analysis of the system combined with the demonstration of interactive materials, the virtual interactive image will be generated, and finally the whole process of the participants and the interactive material image. It can be divided into various forms according to the use environment.

3: Service content:
According to the display requirements of the project content, carry out creative design planning, integrate the software and hardware of the interactive device, project and customer needs, provide various interactive display types and ways, and complete the installation and commissioning of the project site system. And improve after-sales, free training of users, free maintenance within the warranty period, technical support.
4: Scope of application:
Planning Museum, museum, exhibition room, enterprise and brand exhibition hall, commercial exhibition, science and Technology Museum, children's Science Park, children's palace, children's activity center, theme park, digital information, shopping mall leisure experience area education hall, etc.