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Full range of advanced experience to display interactive LED

Release date:2020-03-10| Publisher:admin|  click:0
At the beginning of the full display, in order to bring better visual effect to users, the interactive LED floor tile screen developed by innovation can integrate software and hardware, and adopt the dual channel induction chip design. At present, the industry's induction speed, and then according to the needs of the ground, private customization, to achieve a synchronous and always interactive playback effect, The intelligent interactive effect presented gives people a three-dimensional sense of space and vision, unveils the new course of interactive LED floor tile screen, and brings a feast for the audience.

Nowadays, the application of LED interactive tile screen in various industries reaches the acme of artistic conception. The combination of lifelike pictures and shocking music can create a very modern scene, which makes people feel like they are in the scene. Led interactive tile screen can not only realize the interaction between the ground and human-computer, but also the interaction between the ground and the wall, which is composed of LED interactive tile screen and led interactive background screen Interaction, whether it's special effect display or effect display, has reached the high-tech level and is deeply rooted in people's hearts.

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As the name implies, LED floor tile screen is a personalized and fashionable product, which is specially designed for the ground. Compared with the traditional LED display screen, the intelligent and interactive LED floor tile screen has been specially designed in terms of its high load-bearing, waterproof, wear-resistant, interactive, convenient maintenance, protective performance and heat dissipation, so that it can adapt to high-intensity trampling, Normal operation for a long time, with the continuous maturity of technology, on the basis of LED floor tile screen, there are pressure sensors or electric induction chips and other devices. When a person moves on the floor tile screen, the sensor can sense the person's position and feed back the trigger information to the main interactive controller, and then the main interactive controller will output the corresponding display interaction effect after logical judgment, which is the current fire Hot led interactive tile screen.

With the progress of the times, the application fields and forms of LED floor tile screens are constantly changing. If the conventional LED display screen that "stands" on the ground is standard and not personalized enough, and the giant led ceiling is out of reach, the LED interactive tile screen that can tile the ground and realize the interaction between human and screen will undoubtedly become the first choice of people.