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Display interactive tile screen and collision of ancient cul

Release date:2020-03-10| Publisher:admin|  click:0
The project is located in Ali District of Tibet, covering an area of about 30 ㎡. It adopts intelligent interactive LED floor tile screen, with absolute advantages of high definition, waterproof, anti stepping, anti-collision, anti pressure, anti scratch, etc. In addition, it also has super load-bearing and toughness, with a high load-bearing capacity of 2T per square meter, a high level of protection, and no fear of severe cold and cold weather. The customer has a high degree of concern and good publicity effect. At the same time, the intelligent interactive LED floor tile screen is one of the highlights of science and technology in Ali Region of Tibet. The success of the Smart Interactive LED floor tile display project in Ali Region of Tibet marks the further expansion of the smart display market. Since its establishment, the company has never stopped thinking about the future. Next, the company will continue to subdivide more field resources to develop global customers and create more new business cooperation opportunities for you! Coming soon! Wish to advance with your wisdom and foresee the future!