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Innovative advantages of professional LED floor tile screen

Release date:2020-03-10| Publisher:admin|  click:0
As a professional intelligent manufacturer of interactive LED floor tiles, Shenzhen Dingli Display Technology Co., Ltd. has made breakthroughs in many innovative technologies, such as utility model patents, design patents, and LED floor tiles human interaction induction system technology. Its intelligent LED interactive floor tiles have been used in art galleries, large-scale commercial complexes, museums, intelligent exhibition halls, image city, KTV, Large offline scenes such as shoppingmall, hotels, luxury stores, theme restaurants, bars, automobile 4S stores have been successfully promoted, bringing advanced digital and technological visual experience solutions to many businesses.

The rise of professional interactive LED display floor tiles has opened up a path for the future market. Compared with traditional LED splicing and conventional LED screens, they have advantages in seam, brightness, color saturation, resolution, application flexibility, etc. with the continuous innovation and development of the technology of the full display research and development team, the interactive LED floor tiles of p3.91-4.81-p5.2-p6.25 have become the mainstream of market applications In the near future, the product spacing and resolution of interactive LED floor tile screen market will become "smaller". For example, the latest development of p2.976 interactive LED floor tile screen redefines the industry's standard of interactive floor tile screen and becomes the focus of attention. This product has a new level of LED image quality of innovative image processing platform. Through the integration of unit modules, interactive induction, LED floor tile screen adjustable light source system, LED floor tile screen interactive circuit control system, LED floor tile screen gravity induction system, none Glare, low gray level and high refresh make the color and brightness of the picture just like the real thing. They have set up a new interactive standard of picture quality for the LED market, with an induction speed of 0.016/m. "In the design space, we found that only by selecting the appropriate interactive tile screen, can we present the visual feast with the characteristics of the art museum for the visitors