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PH5.2mm(Steel cabinet) Floor LED Screen (Interactive/Normal)

Indoor PH5.2mm Floor LED Screen 
Module size:250*250mm (48*48pixels)
Steel cabinet :
500*1000mm (about 25KG/pcs)

(Note:500*500mm is also available)

Max power:600W/m²
Average power:200W/m²

Product Origin:  CHINA
Shipping Port: Shenzhen
MOQ: 1m²
Warranty Period: 1 year 
Certificates: FCC, CE, CCC,IOS9001,RoHS
Preview contents:
1. Half-outdoor Nationstar SMD 1921 lamp (2,500cd/m²)
2. Interactive IR sensors & Controller system (NEW)
3. Module &PC mask 
Front maintenance (NEW)
4. Adjustable supporting feet by screws (Height:130-160mm)
5. Fast connect of power plug  & signal plug 
6. Load weight: 1,400-2,000KG/m² ( a SUV car)

1,Outdoor SMD 1921 lamp (2200-2,500cd/m²)

  • In practice, Indoor SMD lamp brightness :800-1,500cd/m2 ,which is too dark coverd with PC mask,and outdoor SMD lamp brightness:4,500-7,500cd/m2,which is too bright to dissipate the interior heat and make eyes uncomfortable),so we choose SMD1921 half-outdoor lamp (The max:3,000cd/m2,Average :2,200-2,500cd/m2) for our interactive floor LED screen,which is perfect solution up to now.
2,Interactive IR sensor & Controller system (NEW )
  • IR Sensor Qty:8pcs/module [16pcs/module optional]
 On the PCB (Printed Circuit Board),we design 128pcs IR sensors/m2 for interaction,which has a fast speed reaction of only 0.016 second,and much more faster than Radar Device Interaction,till now it is almost fastest interactive floor LED screen in CHINA (2020,20th,March).
  • Interactive controller system

Meanwhile, Controller system of interactive floor LED screen is different with normal like LINSN,NOVOSTAR,MOONCELL...etc,Our C6 master controller box is created & updated by joint effort of YDEA company and our engineer team, combined with DL Operating Software and Interactive receiver.( 2*cards/cabinet),it has a fast refresh rate and a terrific interactive visual effect

3,Module &PC mask & Front maintenance (NEW )
  • Moduel size:250*250mm
Module PC mask: is designed to be matched with SMD 1921 lamps,it not looks gorgeous!

 Front maintenance: it has 2 screwing-holes design in the middle to take out of the the cabinet of breakdown ,then you can replace with  new one module.

4,Adjustable supporting feet by screwings (Height:130-160mm)
4pcs*Supporting feet/cabinet allow you to adjust the height of each cabinet and make sure a good flatness according to the situation of ground.(30mm available)

5,Fast connect of  power plug & signal plug 
Power plug & Signal plug by screwing connector:help customers easily & fastly connect power and signal of each cabinets.
6,Load weight: 14,00-2,500KG/m2 (a SUV car)

Application case :

Note:If you have any further questions,please be free to contact us,thank you